Ask A Gallery Owner | Should I Sign my Photographic Prints on the Front?


In traditional printmaking there are specific guidelines to follow when signing a print. When it comes to signing a giclee print, which includes a scan of the original or photograph, the guidelines are much simpler. Being consistent when signing your prints is the single most important thing you can do! Sometime this alone can settle copyright disputes. Above is an example of how to sign a pulled print by John Stein. Above is a traditional signed woodcut print by Kenneth Stephen Broad. He has also shifted the title over to the bottom left side of the print. This allow enough space to showcase the artist signature, title, and edition at the bottom of the print. Signing a giclee print has fewer guidelines which creates a wide variety of options for signing these prints. This is due to a variety of printing options.


Thank you for bidding in our auctions. We keep your purchases safe with us as long as necessary. The term artist proof is used in connection with limited edition prints. In strict terms, artist proofs are not meant to be sold in the market, at least not immediately.

I was wondering if there is a standard or at least a convention for which date to use when signing fine-art photographic prints for sale. Does one.

I was wondering if there is a standard or at least a convention for which date to use when signing fine-art photographic prints for sale. Does one use the date the photograph was taken, or the date the print was made? I plan to sign and date the mat, and also the border of the photo that is under the mat. I’m presently making some prints for sale from images captured in Should the date after my signature on the mat and photo read or ? I always sign portraits with the date the picture was taken.

A client might come after five years and order an old picture Thanks for your response Slava. Signing with the date taken makes a lot of sense for portraits, but I’m not sure it’s best for scenics, especially if the new print was photoshopped or cropped differently from earlier versions. Looking for more comments, opinions, or a description of what you do regarding dating and signing prints for sale.

Look at Adam’s, Sexton’s, Kenna’s, etc. Now on the reverse some of the matt board where the images were mounted on have a physical stamp where I have seen dated when the image was taken and dated when the print was made.

Editioning Prints

The giclee– also known as an inkjet or digital print– offers artists boatloads of new ways to make and sell art at reasonable prices, but seeing as digital printing hasn’t been around all that long, the evolution of the medium is still in progress, and the market for giclee limited edition prints and other forms of digital art is still relatively disorganized. In addition, digital prints are not all that well understood by your average everyday art buyer, so in the interest of clarity, perhaps a few guidelines and ground rules are in order.

Even though the terms giclee, digital print, and inkjet print all mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably and will be in this article , artists, publishers and galleries currently represent digital art in so many different ways that unless you know your terminology, printing processes and what questions to ask, figuring out what you’re looking at can often be confusing.

The signature of a woodblock print artist isn’t signed like a modern day artist would. If the latter is done, the seal may be crucial in order to date the print.

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But is this actually true, and why, and does this extra perceived value have some justification? Or is there more to this than meets the eye? Printmaking has an interesting history. The introduction of the printing word is comparatively recent. That was just a few hundred years ago.

My idea would be to sign with say my name, date, print number on the white border outside the print, and then cover the darn thing with the mat.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? August 28, , am. Luminous Landscape Home. Member Offline Posts: I’m trying to get serious about fine art prints. I’ve made a few prints and framed them passe-partout behind glass. I’ve provided no text or signature anywere on the finished product, not on the print, not on the backside of the frame, not under the passe-partout.


Editioned prints must be identical. If there is a discrepancy in quality, ink colour or even the paper is changed these prints should not be considered part of the edition. As well as printing a numbered edition there are several other conventions that allow artists to label their prints to convey different meanings. These labels simply go in place of where the edition number would be under the bottom left edge of the plate.

Giclee Printing and Pricing for Artist Limited Editions Then personally hand-​sign and date it. Provide only original documents, no photocopies. Not only do.

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What’s the Value of a Signature on an Art Print?

POW was started in by a loose collection of artists, graffiti writers and illustrators who were shunned by the controlling influencers of the day – so we set about producing and distributing our own art. The invention of the internet and the cardboard tube enabled us to circumvent the centuries-old grip of the established art world and we laid waste to their cronyism and vested interests and good taste. Somewhere along the way we mastered our craft and many POW prints have become benchmarks within the industry.

We pioneered the use of foil block, patterned embossing and we were the first in the industry to use non-solvent based inks. We never put anything down the drain except effort. Throughout it all POW has remained an independent artist-run operation, hosting landmark exhibitions and pioneering the concept of a shit pop-up shop long before it became fashionable.

When you discover a print or photograph that you want to buy, the next step is to look You can find edition information listed on the artwork’s page on number their works at random when they are signing and dating them.

D eciding to sell your work in limited edition prints can be a great way to generate interest among collectors and create a sense of urgency around the buying process. However, understanding what art collectors expect when purchasing limited editions is an important part of your job as an artist. There are a variety of factors to keep in mind — from deciding on the size of the edition to how to sign and date your prints properly.

How can you keep your buyers happy and coming back again and again for professionally done limited editions? We tackle the questions to ask yourself and share tips for creating a successful limited edition run. Limited edition prints tend to be more valuable than open editions, but once you set the size you will not be able to change your mind and create more images, even if they sold more quickly than you thought.

How I Make Art Prints from Home // Supplies, Tools, Etc.

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