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AS FAR AS shitty life choices go, I think relentlessly pursuing emotional validation is in competition for the top spot with cowardice and immorality. Sure, the other two make the bold claim of making you incapable and inhuman, but pursuing emotional validation is pretty much the life choice equivalent of opting for a life of torture. I mean slow, mind-destroying, water drop torture. This is really what the pursuit of emotional validation is like. Because, as a result of your unhealthy motivations, your resultant behaviors have the unfortunate side effect of turning everyone off, and rarely, if ever consistently giving you the validation you want and feel you need. When you have problems with pursuing emotional validation from others this really stems from a desire to get it from your parents. And sure, I know what you thinking. That sort of thing. These relationships are all proxies for your mommy and daddy validation issues.

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When I first started college, the thought of having to rebuild my social life scared me the most. I went into college with no friends and horrible social anxiety. However, I made a handful of friends who introduced me to everything college had to offer. One of those things was Tinder, essentially one of the most infamous dating apps among young adults.

First of all,i want to clarify what it means to seek validation. I understand we have a self image. Are we looking for external ques to validate our.

More and more of our digital dating world keeps coming up with new terms for bad dating behavior. Thought it was just happening to millennials? Think again. My Happiness Hypothesis study found that it is happening across the globe to both men and women for millennials and GenX. Is technology driving dating, sex and emotion? Are dating patterns just an extension of how we behave on social networks?

We are only broadcasting the positive aspects of our lives on social media-the highlight reels. Who is by your side when the non-highlight reel moments occur in life? The drama queen? Baby daddy? Your favorite social stalker? The truth is that dating has become even more irrational.


Conventionally, femininity is rooted in the idea that it must be desirable by heterosexual men to be valid. This is especially true in the case of transfeminine people. There are so many factors that play a role in this- people arguing that your biology makes you a man, beauty standards that highlight feminine and Eurocentric features, self-doubt surrounding gender, and more. Girls simultaneously need to practically break their necks to be as feminine as possible while being constantly and misogynistically belittled for femininity and the desire to satisfy beauty standards, all for the end goal of being in a straight relationship with a man who will appreciate their beauty.

This puts a huge pressure on people, especially transfeminine people, to value themselves solely based on how feminine and girly they can be, seeking validation from any source of societal acceptance.

I didn’t lose my compulsion to seek social validation—like any addict, I’ll always want my drug—but I learned to keep this desire from overwhelming me. Here are​.

The Daily Trojan set up a blind date between two USC students to explore the ways that love can find its start. The two participants were told to meet at the Starbucks in the USC Village at a given time and day, but were given no further instructions other than to write about how the date unfolded for this issue. Read the other perspective here. Somewhere, somehow, at some point during my adolescence, it was impressed upon me that I was going to experience love in college — walking around campus hand-in-hand while crisp autumn leaves fell down from the trees, having picnics on the grassy student quad, reading together on Sunday mornings.

Three semesters, a blur of hookups and endless Tinder swipes later, I became resigned that my notion of the perfect collegiate love story was just like the many ideals I held about college life — naive and unrealistic. Yet, when I saw the Daily Trojan advertise a blind date on its Instagram story, a combination of boundless optimism and curiosity overtook me and I found myself filling out a Google form signing up to go on said blind date.

Why not? I breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed a cute guy nervously scanning the surrounding entrance. Indeed, he was my date.

Our World Needs Your

Ever since I came out of the closet, I’ve been a bit of a compulsive dater. Whether in the form of dates, hookups, or casual crushes, I need a guy’s attention to keep myself satisfied. Even when I try to be more independent, I only last for a few weeks on my own before I throw myself back into the dating scene. When quarantine began, I figured that I could use self-isolation as an opportunity to reset my habits and become less dependent on external validation.

Although seeking external validation isn’t inherently bad, when does it begin to take control of your life? Read these tips to stop this reliance.

The madness of teenage years. We are constantly faced with new challenges and we are expected to balance the stress of academic life with our social lives. This is a prime time for self-esteem and confidence to be brought down. We tend to seek validation in the form of compliments, especially at times when we are questioning ourselves. Seeking validation is inevitable.

How could we not? Our world is filled with unrealistic expectations acting as a soulless reminder of how happiness is portrayed nowadays. According to most social media, being a happy teenager means: obtaining perfect grades, experiencing an amazing high school romance, socialising regularly, having a balance of stunning looks and immaculate personality… the list goes on. We face pressures regularly in order to fit in, to fulfil expectations. We are taught to compete against each other for the things we want, whether it be to run a committee, get into a certain university or even date a certain someone.

This can cause many issues that people are afraid to open up about, and that are not touched on. This series will consist of views and opinions on these topics, all the while giving advice and creating a common ground for students to know that other students are dealing with the same things. View all posts by theupdateecolint. Like Like.

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On the heels of a bad breakup, Kristina, 27, wasn’t ready to find a new partner just yet. She wanted an easy, drama-free way to boost her confidence — so she downloaded Tinder Gold, a paid Tinder upgrade that lets users swipe through people who have already swiped right on them. Kristina was using apps mostly to feel good about herself — and it turns out, this practice is pretty common.

Whether through touch or through words, validation that I’m worthy was like a drug. I really don’t need him to validate that my feelings are okay. either start to change their approach or you’ll naturally start to seek people who validate you.

No matter who you are, dating can be a rough ordeal. We all try our best to be the most attractive version of ourselves, glossing over our faults and unpleasant memories, stressing whatever traits we think will win us brownie points with the person across the table. But what if the feeling of wanting to get your date’s approval never goes away? Yes, most people put on a bit of a facade as they’re getting to know someone, but real intimacy starts to blossom when both people in an early relationship start letting each other in.

If you find yourself writhing with stress a few months into a relationship, constantly feeling like you’re going to be “found out,” you may be struggling with a pervasive need for external approval. Here, signs your need for approval is sabotaging your love life. The sentiment has a basis in social science, however. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology , individuals with low self-esteem called LSEs tend to react to conflict in romantic relationships by self-sabotaging or nose-diving the situation.

HONEY HUSH -Dating Relationships-Is it Love Or Are You Seeking Validation

Let me explain. Disastrous relationships are nothing new for me. My past is riddled with complicated, codependent, and crazy encounters. Never before have I been more wrong. Like any self-help junkie, I made it my business to learn everything I could about the philosophy behind what I hoped would save my relationship. I attended a lecture by Harville Hendrix, founder of Imago Therapy.

Yes, I was seeking validation, of my worth, through his love. When I felt Until I do, I don’t even trust myself to pick another person to start dating. I needed to.

But it just never happened that way. When I met my ex-husband, I was 25 years old. He was 30, a musician, a kind and loving man. At that time, I was climbing the ladder in the cosmetics industry, fantasizing about traveling the world, and having a career that felt meaningful and inspiring. When we divorced, I felt an ache that a piece of my identity — being his wife — was dying away.

But I quickly fell in love again, this time with a famous entrepreneur. When we met, my business was soaring. I was traveling more and more, and I was excited to do even bigger things in my career and life. He was at the top of his game, truly contributing to the world and living his life at an extraordinary level, and I looked up to him.

It was as if the fact that he was talented, brilliant, powerful, and successful meant I was, too. After all, he chose to be with me. Which was saying something, right? This cycle of seeking external validation that ran in the background of my consciousness for so many years decades, even was never forced to be resolved because I was always in a relationship. I was devastated.

MTV Released A Shocking Study About Seeking Validation On Dating Apps

I do it too. Deep down, I’m a people pleaser. I like it when people like me.

Name: Date: Fill out this sheet during or just after a situation in which you were seeking or wanted to seek validation and/or support. Describe.

Do you have a constant need for your partner’s approval , whether at home, with family and friends, or on social media? Approval seeking behavior is energy-draining and has negative consequences for you, your partner, and the relationship. From an early age, many people have been conditioned to modify their behavior. They relied on outside sources such as feedback from others’ approval, or whether or not their behavior negatively impacted their caregivers’ response.

When you get validation, it means you ” exist ” and are therefore worthwhile. On the other hand, when you don’t get the approval or validation you are after, you don’t feel worthy or important. For example, as a child, you may have experienced positive attention from your teacher when you had good grades at school or avoided punishment from your parents when you were quiet. Or maybe you disappointed someone when you disagreed with them.

Girl to Girl Talk: Where Do You Get Your Validation From?

I no longer put him on a pedestal. Whoever I date pretty much can do no wrong in my book, which is very dangerous. I make sure my relationship is a two-way street. I see us as complete equals.

Seeking to better understand why some couples have healthy, lasting relationships while others do not, Gottman and his colleagues decorated their lab at the.

I want to help answer some questions you may have about living out your Christian life and walk of faith! We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions. Join the Girl Talk forum here. Recently, a PI Girl asked about relationships, overanalyzing texts from guys and also wondering if what a guy says really means anything. Read more here. This made me think of value, worth, feeling special versus rejected and also who we are in our identity.

We should walk in our call as daughters of the King, and being bought by a price when Jesus died on the cross for us. Our royalty is our identity in who we are in Christ, and what we need to remember all of us, even me is that we need to remove thoughts of comparison to others and realize we are already accepted, loved, adored and valued by the REAL Prince…the Prince of Peace, amen?

7 Signs of Attention Seeking Behavior

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